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Unique works of art in a light bulb

Visitors old and young rub their eyes in amazement when they get to Adalbert Emser’s stand at the local craft fair. His delicate works of art catch their eye immediately, drawing them in to get a closer look at the intricate detail of his creations. Each unique handcrafted piece contains a three dimensional miniature model, mostly held by fine threads, inside an old 1000 watt lighthouse light bulb.

You almost feel you want to slip through the thin glass of the bulb so you can see each tiny detail right up close. What an experience it would be to suddenly find yourself inside the glass globe, pacing the decks of the ‘Black Pearl’, on the look-out for passing merchant ships to plunder. You might envy Jack Sparrow just a little when you see this miniature treasure suspended in the middle of the glass ball.

The motor car enthusiast could jump into Carl Benz’s first automobile, a motorised three-wheeled vehicle patented over 130 years ago. Or perhaps you’d like your favourite Ferrari or Lamborghini crafted in miniature, mounted inside a light bulb?

You can rely on Adalbert Emser’s imagination and craftsmanship to create something exceptional, exclusively made for your specific order. His ideas and enthusiasm know no bounds, with just one keyword being enough for him to start developing ideas for the project. He quite rightly believes he could create anything – whether it be the fairytale castle of Neuschwanstein, your family tree complete with miniature pictures of your family and ancestors, or indeed anything inbetween – no matter how abstract or unusual.

Each carefully handcrafted piece is unique and requires a great deal of skill, time, patience and attention to detail. A little patience is required from the client, too. The many steps and stages of development as the model is being crafted means it can take many weeks, or even months, to complete each individual piece.

Despite all the work and skill that goes into making each model, the handcrafted pieces are modestly priced – costing a mere fraction of the original! And to own a genuine Adalbert Emser creation is a joy and a privilege – bringing much more pleasure than simply gazing at an old oil painting hanging on the wall.

If you’d like to find out more, why not visit Adalbert Emser’s stand at the next craft fair?  You can find details of forthcoming events on his website. The artist enthusiastically explains his craft to visitors and in his workshop shows children and the young-at-heart a few of the secrets of making a successful miniature work of art in a lightbulb. You’ll have the opportunity to get to know him personally and discuss his work as well as the possibility of having your own handcrafted model made.

Visit – view – marvel – discuss – order – wait with happy anticipation! Those are the easy steps to take if you’d like to be the owner of a genuine and unique Adalbert Emser!

P.S. The website “gluebirnenschiffe” (meaning ‘ships in bottles’) was created before the idea of making non-maritime items.

Information regarding prices, delivery and payment for orders is available on request.